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Beauty and the Beans

Proponents say coffee cherries contain health- and beauty-enhancing nutrients.

cosmetics made with coffee beans

Wake up and smell the coffee has taken on a new meaning. A trend has been brewing lately that some say can really perk up your skin:  coffee-based beauty products.

An array of companies has been grinding out product lines containing Coffea arabica, an extract of coffee fruit.  Coffee fruit—branded CoffeeBerry® by its major distributor—is the red fruit that grows on the coffee bush, encasing coffee beans.  According to proponents, coffee fruit abounds in disease-fighting antioxidants and monosaccharides and polysaccharides, nutrients that traditional brewing leaches from the coffee bean. With this in mind, companies like New Chapter produce Coffea Arabica supplements, in capsule or powder form.

Would you like some (wrinkle) cream with your coffee?

Companies like Revaléskin  say you don’t have to ingest CoffeeBerry® to enjoy its benefits. The company, which has been a pioneer in the cosmetic use of Coffea arabica, uses coffee fruit extract in cleansers and creams meant to help skin appear smoother and younger. The American Academy of Dermatology has given the nutrient nod as a promising development.

How does it work? Revalskin says they beautify by “helping to fend off free radicals.” If you are like me, you are probably saying “fend away!”  I’m pondering sending away for the company’s Revaléskin Night Cream, which made it onto Allure magazine’s Best of Beauty list of anti-aging products. At $120 a pop, though, I may need to forgo my Starbucks traveler a while to afford it.

Revaléskin is not the only cosmetic company to turn barista. A number of other companies carry products infused with a touch of Coffea arabica, also sometimes called green coffee. The ingredient, which is coffee-hot in the beauty industry right now, is touted as having astringent qualities and the ability to help the skin rebuild after being damaged by UV radiation.

From Nature with Love, Georgio Armani, Bare Escentuals and Facefacts have all joined in the brew-haha (pun intended!). Bare Escentuals, available at stores like Sephora as well as online, is an affordable option for those wanting to try a green coffee pick-me-up. Their product line includes coffee-flavored Buzz Latte lip balm ($8), which is dripping with conditioning ingredients like shea butter and green coffee extract.

Another product promising a jolt of silky smoothness is From Nature With Love’s Coffee Butter (they also sell Mochacchino Butter). They say: The oil helps protect the skin from ultraviolet light and promotes “excellent moisture retention, quick penetration and good adherence in cosmetics.” I say: “Strong aroma of coffee” promised? Yummy.

Color me coffee

All this smoothing and conditioning sounds great, but where’s the color? You’ll find it at FACEFACTS, which carries a line of lip color products featuring “ingredients with integrity.” Their lipliner and lipstick, which comes in more than a dozen colors, contains coffee seed oil as well as other organic goodies like aloe, beeswax, ginseng, pomegranate seed oil, cocoa butter and chamomile. The Coffea arabica, they say, helps make the lipstick spreadable and smooth.

Coffee in the cupboard

Coffee is piping-hot in the beauty industry right now, and there’s tons of ways to try it. You can even find uses for it at home—cheap ones! Care2.com shares a number of “Kitchen Cupboard” beauty tips, including some that might just be your cup of Joe. A recipe employing used coffee grounds and egg whites is supposed to make for a fantastic facial. Other uses include a treatment to make your hair shine and a cellulite scrub and wrap.

It’s official: Coffee is no longer just a morning beverage. The next time someone asks you, “Decaf or Regular,” they just might be asking you about your cosmetic preference!