Costa Rican Coffee

Coffee Economics 101


Coffee ingestion on average is about a third that of tap water in most of North America and Europe. In total, 6.7 million metric tons of coffee were produced annually in 1998–2000, and the forecast is a rise to 7 million metric tons annually by 2010. Brazil remains the largest coffee exporting nation, but in recent years Vietnam has become ...

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The Best Way To Brew Your Organic Coffee

The Best Way To Brew Your Organic Coffee A “French press’ is essentially open-pot- coffee with a sophisticated method for separating the grounds from the brew.  We believe it is the best way to brew your freshly roasted organic coffee.  The pot is a narrow glass cylinder.  A fine-mesh screen plunger fits tightly inside the cylinder.  You place coarse-to-medium ground ...

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Organic Coffee Processing In Costa Rica

Organic Coffee Processing in Costa Rica Most of the world’s coffee beans are processed in one of two ways. Dry or “natural” processing means the fruit is left on the beans while they are drying. The organic coffee processing in Costa Rica is limited.  The fruit or cherry contains many different sugars and thus ferments quickly so this method depends ...

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Why Do Some Roasted Coffee Beans Have A Bitter Taste?

Why Do Some Roasted Coffee Beans Have A Bitter Taste? All coffee drinkers at one time or another complain about having a bitter cup of coffee. Most coffee drinkers will relate the bitterness to one of the darker roasts. If asked what they associate bitterness with; they would tell you that it is the acidity of the coffee. However, there ...

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