The Best Way To Brew Your Organic Coffee

The Best Way To Brew Your Organic Coffee

A “French press’ is essentially open-pot- coffee with a sophisticated method for separating the grounds from the brew.  We believe it is the best way to brew your freshly roasted organic coffee.  The pot is a narrow glass cylinder.  A fine-mesh screen plunger fits tightly inside the cylinder.  You place coarse-to-medium ground organic coffee in the cylinder, pour water that is just beginning to boil over it, and insert the plunger in the top of the cylinder without pushing down. After about 4 minutes, when the coffee is thoroughly steeped.  You push the plunger down through the coffee, clarifying it and forcing the grounds to the bottom of the pot.

The plunger pot was apparently developed in Italy during the 1930’s but found  its true home in France after World War II, when it became a favorite method for home coffee brewing.

The growing popularity of this method in the United States has unleashed a flood of French-press brewers, A few made in France and many from other places.  A consumer’s first decision in purchasing such a brewer is whether to spend a little money on a version that supports the glass brewing receptacle in a plastic frame ($20 to $30), or to spend considerably more on a brewer with a metal frame ($40 and up).  Make certain the one you decide on has a tempered cylinder, otherwise you will be replacing it frequently.

The coffee the plunger pot produces is full bodied and deeply flavored.  None of the flavor containing oils are filtered out and the resulting brew is very rich indead. Starting with a premium organic coffee bean that has a balanced acidity is very important.  Beans with a high acidity will impart an unpleasant aftertaste.  Many coffee aficionados prefer this method of preparing their brew.    Those who take their coffee with milk or cream may also prefer this method due to the fact that the coffee’s flavor is not diluted.

Style of coffee aside, the advantages of the plunger brewer are its drama, its portability and its elegance, all of which make it an ideal after-dinner brewer. It certainly isn’t any more difficult to clean than most drip or filter pots but unless you buy a design with an insulated decanter, the coffee must be drunk immediately. That also is just as well, since coffee ought to be drink immediately.  The french press is one of the best ways to brew your organic coffee.

Your Coffee Brew May Help You Lose Weight

Does caffeine help you lose weight?

There are so many of us that can’t wait to get up in the morning and start our day with a fresh hot cup of coffee.  But do you know what that cup of brew is doing for you?  That first cup of coffee can speed up your metabolism for the rest of the day,  Especially if you are working out in the gym.  Between the caffeine and the workout, you will continue to burn calories even after you leave the gym.  They say that by drinking a cup of coffee you may be able to workout harder and longer.

What about the calories in your morning brew.

Is your black coffee better for weight loss?  Yes it is!  Once you put in the half and half, sugar or syrups and top it off with the whipped cream, you just created a high calorie drink.  Most of your common coffee drinks contain around 300-500 calories depending on size and ingredients.  A cup of black coffee alone has only 2 calories.   Bottom line is, if you are drinking coffee to help you lose weight and get your metabolism moving, then make sure it is black.

Is your coffee healthy?

If you are concerned about your health then you should be drinking organic coffee.  Many of the well known coffee’s contain harmful chemicals.  Chemicals that remain even after roasting.  If you have to add a cream or sugar to your coffee, make sure it is organic.  Organic  half and half or organic soy milk are two good choices.  If you are adding a sweetener make sure it is an organic sweetener like organic sugar or organic agave.  Agave comes in several flavors that will flavor your coffee without all the preservatives that the flavored creamers have.  So grab a healthy cup of coffee and happy dieting.