Shade Grown Organic Coffee Is Best

Shade Grown Organic Coffee Is BestProtect your health and the environment with shade grown organic coffee

Americans drink more coffee than any other beverage. If we are concerned about our health, we pay attention to what be eat and drink. So why is it when we want a cup of coffee, we think nothing of driving through the fast food restaurant? It could be convenience, but that’s a cop out, it’s more about what choices we have available. When it comes to coffee, shade grown organic coffee is best.

With a little planning we can protect our health by avoiding all the pesticides and agricultural chemicals found in most mass produced commercial coffee. The added bonus is that we are protecting the health of those who work to plant, nurture and harvest coffee. And we haven’t even mentioned the benefit of not spraying and dusting the planet with chemicals.

The fruits of caring labor

Growing coffee organically in the shade is a lot more labor intensive. Just the fact that you are not driving heavy machinery through a field to plant and harvest coffee means that the only other choice requires individual labor. Growing coffee this way also means that the yield will be less than mass produced farming methods.

Organically grown shade coffee is the best choice for all those involved. The days of expropriating farm land only to offer the workers an opportunity to toil in conditions detrimental to their health should be a thing of the past.

Putting toxins in your body because it is convenient or ingrained as habit should be eliminated from your daily routine. It’s time to make new habits and purchase shade grown organic coffee for the good of all involved.

Whole bean organic shade grown coffee

If you want the freshest shade grown coffee, consider purchasing your coffee online where the organic coffee beans are roasted the day you order and shipped immediately. Don’t take a chance on how long coffee beans have been sitting on the shelf at the big box supermarket. Chances are, you will be disappointed if you expect to find quality shade grown organic coffee in your local supermarket.

Shade grown coffee is often more likely to be single origin coffee or single estate coffee. If you would like a memorable experience that’s also good for your health, check out this single estate shade grown coffee.

It’s your choice, why not choose a healthy cup of coffee and be a responsible citizen at the same time. When it comes to coffee, shade grown organic coffee is best.