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Is Coffee a beneficial beverage?

Coffee, A Beneficial Beverage

Coffee, A Beneficial Beverage

Coffee, A Beneficial Beverage


Over the years coffee has been accused of causing more than a few different health problems. Now that we are doing dedicated testing of coffee we are finding the opposite to be true. Over 1800 studies have found that coffee actually provides many diverse health benefits. A recent study in Sweden strongly suggests that a daily dose of coffee may reduce a women’s risk of a stroke by as much as twenty-five percent.  Other studies have found a link between coffee drinking and a reduction in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and even a reduction in certain forms of brain cancer. Scientific studies show the risk of type 2 diabetes is lowered by coffee consumption. It is suspected that coffee’s high level of antioxidants may boost cells’ sensitivity to insulin which regulates blood sugar. Yet other studies implicate these antioxidants in lessening the risk of strokes. It is speculated that the compounds in coffee widen the blood vessels which results in a lower blood pressure.  Recent research suggests that coffee drinking may even lower the incident of liver diseases including cirrhosis.

We, as growers of organic Arabica coffee beans, believe that if you want to optimize your daily coffee consumption, organic Arabica beans are certainly the best choice. Most of the negative side effects that coffee drinkers experience are caused by excessive caffeine. Excessive caffeine may even contribute to heart disease, as well as other problems. Pregnant women should limit their caffeine intake to around 200 milligrams daily and people who have trouble getting to sleep at night shouldn’t consume coffee in the afternoon hours. The most important thing to remember is that most major brands blend Arabica beans with the less costly Robusta coffee bean. Robusta is a lower grade bean with twice the caffeine. So, do yourself a favor and drink the best, organic Arabica coffee. Your health and your taste buds will appreciate the difference.