Coffee And Alzheimer’s

Coffee and Alzheimer’s

What if you could reverse Alzheimer’s by drinking coffee.

The University of South Florida did studies that are published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.  It showed that caffeine significantly decreased abnormal levels of the protein linked to Alzheimer’s disease in the brains and the blood of mice exhibiting symptoms of the disease.  Earlier studies showed that caffeine in early adulthood prevented the onset of memory problems in mice bred to develop Alzheimer’s symptoms in old age.

The new findings provide evidence that caffeine could be a viable treatment for established Alzheimer’s disease and not simply a protective strategy.  The best part is that caffeine is a safe drug for most people.  It enters the brain easily and appears to directly affect the disease process.

A Portuguese study reported that people with Alzheimer’s had consumed less caffeine over the last 20 years that people without the disease.  Several clinical studies have reported moderate caffeine consumption may protect against memory decline during normal aging.

The Alzheimer’s Research Center’s study included 55 mice genetically altered to develop memory problems mimicking Alzheimer’s disease as they aged.  After behavioral tests  confirmed the mice were exhibiting signs of memory impairment at age 18 to 19 months (about 70 years of age in humans).  The researchers gave half the mice caffeine in their drinking water and the other half got plain water.  The mice that received the caffeine (equivalent to 5 cups of regular coffee a day) performed much better on   tests  measuring their memory and thinking skills.  Their memories were identical to normal aged mice without dementia.    The mice that drank plain water for the two month study continued to do poorly on the tests.

In addition the brains of the caffeinated mice showed nearly a 50 percent reduction in levels of beta amyloid (the hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease).  The caffeine appeared to restore memory by reducing the enzymes needed to produce beta amyloid.  The study also suggested that caffeine suppresses inflammatory changes in the brain that lead to an overabundance of beta amyloid.  The studies are continuing on coffee and the prevention of Alzheimer’s.  Go grab that cup of coffee and drink to your brain health.