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Coffee Store – The Best Coffee You Didn’t Even Know You Were Missing – Coffee Store

Organic Coffee Store

When it comes to coffee there is a more wondrous variety than almost any other hobby consumed product on earth. Even when compared to the lofty heights of wine drinking and tobacco tasting, indeed nothing reaches the world like coffee drinking. Few people are as opinionated about anything in their life as they are about their personal coffee consumption.

High end drinkers of coffee are not shy about informing you of their coffee desires. Listening to two or more coffee drinkers discuss coffee is fascinating as an outsider, or as someone who sticks to store bought coffee, because you can really feel the passion they have for their product. In the world of giant coffee companies that span the globe, it can be hard to find a real genuine cup of coffee that is traditional and free of all of the trappings of the modern coffee industry.

Few arguments are as heated in the coffee world as the organic versus non-organic coffee war. One company has stood their ground and decided that their two person small town company will stand against the coffee juggernauts of the world to supply an organic coffee free of all influences of Big Coffee.

Keens Beans is an organic coffee store company based out of Pensacola Florida. They promise an organic cup of Costa Rican coffee that is completely free of chemicals and is as close to as nature intended as possible. Indeed, so chemical free are they that they do not produce a “decaf” coffee, as the process of removing the caffeine from the coffee relies on unnatural chemicals.

What does it mean to be dedicated to one’s craft? A connoisseur of cigars might run his own humidor and will travel the world looking for rare smokes, often paying thousands of dollars for a single stick. The same exists in the world of coffee. Keen’s Beans, in an effort to produce a truly valuable addition to the coffee market, does not grind their beans until just before they are being shipped to the customer directly; coffee doesn’t get much fresher than that unless you grind it yourself.

Calling it “the best cup of coffee you will ever taste”, Keen’s Beans offers a completely organic and sustainably farmed coffee that is ready, willing, and completely able to give the big boys a run for their money. Somehow, as if by a sheer force of will to see the coffee market change for the better, their coffees are also affordable; opening a world of high end coffee drinking to the masses.

For more information on Keens Bean coffee store, visit their site here, or call Rhonda Keen at 850-712-8069