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Going Green by Choosing Organic Coffee
Going Green by Choosing Organic Coffee

Going Green by Choosing Organic Coffee

Nowadays, we have all been interested in all things organic. From the food we eat to the ingredients in our toiletries and makeup, organic products have become our option for healthy living. And for this very same reason, organic coffee has been introduced to the public. But what is organic coffee? What makes it different from regular coffee? What will we get when we choose organic over regular coffee?

First of all, organic coffee is still coffee but has been grown according to the organic farming techniques and standards. This means that no artificial fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides were used in growing this specific high quality coffee. Such methods that were used in cultivating organic coffee include building healthy soil through terracing, composting, and even inter-cropping. At the same time, organic farmers make use of biological pest control and are moving towards a goal of sustainability for the water, soil, and ecosystem which they use.

There are three main factors which benefit from drinking organic products. The first person who benefits from this is us, the consumers. Even if it isn’t coffee we buy, as long as it’s organic, we are choosing the best ingredients already. And when we drink organic, we can guarantee that no chemicals or synthetics have been used. It also helps that we have made a good decision that helps the environment and our social surroundings.

The farmers also get a benefit once organic coffee is bought as they can use the money to produce a new batch again. But the biggest benefit goes to our environment, as organic farming supports the long term availability of the supply of water and soil. It also helps the earth by not using those harmful chemicals and pesticides. Now, even those who are avid coffee drinkers can enjoy their cup of Joe without worrying they are putting their health and the environment in danger.


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