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A Guide To Organic Coffee
A Guide To Organic Coffee

Guide To Organic Coffee

Coffee is generally produced in underdeveloped nations and exported to the developed nations. Now, in order to maintain the production standard of the affluent countries, certain harmful pesticides and chemicals are used by farmers in the coffee-growing process, which enable them to produce more crops with less damages from pests. However, the coffee, which is produced with the use of pesticides often contain traces of harmful chemicals.

Coffee produced without the use of harmful chemicals is termed as organic coffee. The entire production process of the organic variety starting from harvesting to roasting is done without the application of chemicals and then it is verified by a third party, which is generally a certified international body.

The Foundation of organics

The organic movement was initiated by a group of idealists in the coffee industry, who aimed to deal with small cooperatives of coffee producers, who abstain from using chemicals in the growing process. Then this organic coffee was directly marketed to roasters and consumers. In this way the producers were also profitable and the coffee produced was chemical-free. Moreover, with the worldwide promotion of the organic movement, the quality and selection of the organic coffee has also improved.

Why people prefer to drink the organic variety?

Most of us have at least one cup of coffee every day. Consumption of organic coffee minimizes the risk of ingesting chemicals that are usually applied in the production of normal coffee beans. Thus, the organic variety is better for our bodies.

Does the taste differ from the regular one?

Farmers while cultivating organic coffee, follow the natural growth cycle and discard the use of any chemicals and pesticides, which results in rich and perfect coffee beans. The shade grown organic coffee, which is cultivated under a canopy of shaded trees are slowly ripened receiving the filtered sunlight, which in due course enhances the taste. There is a huge range of organic coffees including light roast, moderate roast, dark roast, green and various flavored coffees.

Is there any price difference?

The natural growing process of organic coffee requires manual effort as the utilization of mechanical farm equipment is restrained. This involvement of manpower, raise the price and hence, it is expensive in comparison to the regular one. However, some excellent organic coffee beans are also available online for cheaper rates. You can also avail some less common organic coffee online, which are not found locally.

Organic Green Coffee Beans

The red and round coffee cherries, containing the coffee beans are picked from the branch, when they are completely ripe. Then they are dried and the outer part of the dried cherry is removed. In this way the coffee beans are obtained, which are sorted by hand based on their size and density. These un-roasted green variety are exported worldwide, which are roasted afterward into light, moderate or dark roast coffee.

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