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Throw your organic coffee grounds in your garden to help promote growth and deterr pest.

Organic Coffee For Your Garden

Organic Coffee For Your Garden

Recycle those coffee grounds in your garden

It’s that time of year to get your garden ready.  Your organic coffee grounds are great for your garden.

Your coffee grounds make a great additive to a compost pile as they have a very high carbon to  nitrogen level.  The coffee will provide a good level of acidity and will add a great texture to your compost.  It will not make the compost more acidic over time.    Microbes in the composting process will turn the grinds from acidic to neutral ph levels.  To compliment the coffee grinds in a compost add egg shells.  Worms love coffee grounds and by adding coffee grounds to your compost piles this will promote their activity as they feed on them.  Coffee grinds are acidic with a ph level of about 4.0.  Plants that prefer more acidic soil , like azaleas, tomatoes, hydrangeas, blueberries and rhododendrons love it.  Be careful not to add to much to plants that are highly sensitive to acidic levels.  You can be safe by mixing your coffee grounds with garden soil for a topping layer in your garden.  This will allow a slow release of coffee into the soil and will keep the coffee from molding.  If you have slugs or snails, this will help deterr them.  It takes about 2-3% of caffeine to kill them, but putting your coffee grounds which are .05% will keep them away.

Enjoy your morning cup of organic coffee and then get gardening.