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Organic Or Regular Grown?
Organic Or Regular Grown?

Organic Or Regular Grown?

Given how “green” folks seem to want to be these days, it only seems natural to ask whether or not all coffee enthusiasts should start buying organic coffee beans. Generally, there are dozens of reasons for going organic and coffee is really no exception. As a matter of fact, it just may be that organic farming is going to be the next big thing, from what most coffee-addled experts can figure. Besides, you’re not drinking pesticides or fertilizers when you slurp down a steaming cup of organic, now are you?

What’s comforting to know is that any organic coffee sold in the U.S. undergoes extensive certification by the country’s agriculture agency before it’s allowed out for sale. Organic coffee farms have to have engaged in organic growing of beans for at least 3 years prior to, and they have to show an intelligent plan for rotating their crops.

Take a moment the next time you’re in a supermarket to total up the sheer number of organic items on its shelves. Besides, many dieticians and other health professionals recommend adding more organically-grown or raised foods to the daily diet. After all, who wants to walk around with pesticide residuals in the cells and tissues of the body?

A common misconception is that organic coffee or organic coffee beans are overly expensive but that’s really not true. In fact dozens of sites sell organic coffee products at prices roughly equal to all those coffees that were cultivated using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Many farmers also try to do their part, growing their crops under rainforest shade-giving trees that play host to diverse wildlife.

Now, even if concern over some rainforest down in Brazil or all the wildlife that might depend upon it isn’t the number one concern in your coffee fanatic life, it’s still smart to buy organic coffee beans because they can taste fantastic, you’re not going to be charged an arm and a leg, and they don’t come loaded with possible chemical toxins you might see in traditionally-grown beans.

It’s an open secret, by the way, that there are over a dozen so-called “exotic” coffees – grown with pesticides and such – that are a lot more costly than the organic variety of coffee beans. Anyway…it probably makes sense to try to limit the amount of toxins making their way into the environment, which is something even a diehard “non-environmentalist” can get behind.

If that’s not good enough, there’s also an added bonus, which is that the cost of buying organic coffee is relatively equal to regular coffees. Always try to ensure, though, that the producer of the product is certified as being organic by an outside certification agency. Unfortunately, it seems there are more than a few producers out there just slapping “organically grown” on their beans and then hoping to slip them by governmental oversight agencies.


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