Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans Make The Difference

Fresh Roasted Coffee BeansStart with fresh roasted coffee beans for the best cup of coffee

It sounds like simple advice, but most people claim they want the best cup of coffee, yet purchase their ground coffee from the local supermarket. Often the determining factor as to which brand is purchased is the packaging or the price. If you truly want the best cup of coffee, start with fresh roasted coffee beans. Not any coffee bean will do. For the best experience, brew your coffee with shade grown organic whole bean coffee.

It’s often difficult to find whole bean shade grown organic coffee in your local supermarket. You may have better luck finding it in a specialty retail store, but often you are over-paying because of the store’s overhead. Your best source for organic whole bean coffee is to buy it online. Better yet, buy your organic coffee beans from the farmer. Supporting small farmers who produce shade grown organic coffee is environmentally the right thing to do.

Brewing your coffee

If you would like to have the richest most favorable cup of coffee, you don’t want to brew the natural oils out of the coffee. The best method for making coffee with fresh roasted coffee beans is to use a French press or plunger pot.

Make sure that you are using cool filtered water. Most of the tap water today is filled with chlorine and trace amounts of other industrial toxins. It doesn’t make sense to purchase organic coffee beans only to spoil the coffee with bad tasting water.

Once you purchase fresh roasted coffee beans make sure that they are stored in an air -tight container. Exposure to air will slowly cause the bean’s oils to dissipate and the coffee to become stale, or worse yet, start to take on the flavor of other odors present.

Grind your organic coffee beans just prior to brewing your coffee. If you are using a plunger pot, use a medium grind. Simply follow the directions for using your pot and make a great cup of coffee.

Buying organic coffee beans

If you are going to buy organic coffee beans online, make sure that your supplier is sending you the freshest beans available. Choose a coffee supplier (a small farmer is best), that will roast your organic coffee beans the day you order and ship them immediately. Most suppliers will give you a better price on your whole bean organic coffee if you order a larger quantity. It costs money to roast coffee beans and if a supplier can roast larger quantities they will generally pass the saving on to you.

Many small coffee farmers  have other unique coffee derived products that can be a nice complement to your coffee order. Keens Beanshas some unique  moisturizing soap made from organic coffee beans,  goats milk and natural glycerin.   Check out the website for other speciality items.

Whether you choose to purchase shade grown organic coffee online or find it in a specialty store, make sure you are purchasing fresh roasted coffee beans.

Costa Rican Coffee Choices

Costa Rican Coffee ChoicesQuality varies greatly with Costa Rican coffee

It’s a tale of two coffees. Quality shade grown organic coffee and coffee pooled from farms using pesticides that harm the land and the people that work it. It’s a story that is played out in almost every coffee producing country and Costa Rica is no different.

Some of the smoothest, richest most flavorful coffee is produced on small farms practicing sustainable methods in Costa Rica. But that is just a small part of the story. A large quantity of coffee from Costa Rica is non-organic coffee that is produced as cheaply as possible.

The coffee scorecard

Worst: If you care about your health, the health of the coffee workers and the environment, then you will want to avoid the mass produced coffee which is soaked in pesticides and agricultural chemicals.

Better: Choosing organically grown coffee is a good choice. Organically grown coffee beans will be labeled with a seal signifying its certified organic status. Many organic coffees are grown in fields where heavy machinery is still able to harvest the crop. This is done to keep costs low and profits higher. Having the certified organic status will allow the coffee distributors to charge a little more for their product…as they should. But it is still not the best method to protect the environment.

Best: If you are looking for the best Costa Rican coffee, consider buying Shade grown organic Costa Rican Coffee. Growing coffee in the shade does not require clear cutting forests. Heavy equipment can not be used to plant or harvest shade grown organic coffee beans. This coffee is a labor of love. And the proof is in the smooth rich taste.

Finding the best shade grown organic Costa Rican coffee beans

You guessed it. You are not going to walk into your local mega supermarket and find it on the shelf. It probably wouldn’t sell fast enough and the poor soul who finally purchased it, would be drinking some sad stale coffee. You need to find a source for this delicious nectar.

Keens Beans produces shade grown organic coffee. Our farm is in San Rafael Costa Rica. All our coffee beans are certified organic. Order your coffee online from Keens Beans and we will roast your coffee the same day and ship it immediately.

If you like coffee, you will also love our other coffee products, including moisturizing soap made with coffee and our own organic coffee-based meat rub. When you  visit our online store, also check out our flavored low-glycemic agave syrups.

Shade Grown Organic Coffee Is Best

Shade Grown Organic Coffee Is BestProtect your health and the environment with shade grown organic coffee

Americans drink more coffee than any other beverage. If we are concerned about our health, we pay attention to what be eat and drink. So why is it when we want a cup of coffee, we think nothing of driving through the fast food restaurant? It could be convenience, but that’s a cop out, it’s more about what choices we have available. When it comes to coffee, shade grown organic coffee is best.

With a little planning we can protect our health by avoiding all the pesticides and agricultural chemicals found in most mass produced commercial coffee. The added bonus is that we are protecting the health of those who work to plant, nurture and harvest coffee. And we haven’t even mentioned the benefit of not spraying and dusting the planet with chemicals.

The fruits of caring labor

Growing coffee organically in the shade is a lot more labor intensive. Just the fact that you are not driving heavy machinery through a field to plant and harvest coffee means that the only other choice requires individual labor. Growing coffee this way also means that the yield will be less than mass produced farming methods.

Organically grown shade coffee is the best choice for all those involved. The days of expropriating farm land only to offer the workers an opportunity to toil in conditions detrimental to their health should be a thing of the past.

Putting toxins in your body because it is convenient or ingrained as habit should be eliminated from your daily routine. It’s time to make new habits and purchase shade grown organic coffee for the good of all involved.

Whole bean organic shade grown coffee

If you want the freshest shade grown coffee, consider purchasing your coffee online where the organic coffee beans are roasted the day you order and shipped immediately. Don’t take a chance on how long coffee beans have been sitting on the shelf at the big box supermarket. Chances are, you will be disappointed if you expect to find quality shade grown organic coffee in your local supermarket.

Shade grown coffee is often more likely to be single origin coffee or single estate coffee. If you would like a memorable experience that’s also good for your health, check out this single estate shade grown coffee.

It’s your choice, why not choose a healthy cup of coffee and be a responsible citizen at the same time. When it comes to coffee, shade grown organic coffee is best.

Gourmet Coffee Online – Buying Tips

Gourmet Coffee Online - Buying TipsSimple tips for buying gourmet coffee online

There are literally thousands of websites promising you the best coffee and the best deal. Often online shoppers make a purchase based on little information and a lot of sales copy. If you are interested in buying gourmet coffee online, you need to be aware that most websites don’t really sell coffee, they merely refer you to someone who does. They earn a commission, and you may be getting less of a deal on what you believe to be gourmet coffee than you thought. Here are some tips to ensure that you are getting the best deal when you buy gourmet coffee online.

  • Know the difference between your coffee beans. Unless you like a cup of pesticides and agricultural chemicals, you may want to make sure that you are buying organic coffee beans or ground coffee made from organic coffee beans. If you know where to buy gourmet coffee online made from organic coffee beans, you are ahead of the game.
  • Find a source where the organic coffee beans are roasted the day you order and are immediately sent to you. The big brands typically have warehouses filled with coffee beans. Who knows how long they have been sitting there. Ideally, you should find a quality coffee distributor that is less about hype and expensive packaging and more about selling the best gourmet coffee online.
  • Wouldn’t it be great if you had a source for organic coffee where the owners grew the beans using sustainable organic methods, roasted the beans and shipped the Coffee beans the same day you ordered? This tip is about supporting small sustainable farms. The world is one, and if you can lessen your toxic footprint by purchasing organic products from a grower using sustainable methods, then you are doing your part.
  • Step outside the box. Seek out new brands of gourmet coffee available online. Decide if you’re happy with a single origin coffee, grown in one country and pooled from several sources, or whether you would like to experience a boutique coffee  grown on a single estate. Organic coffee beans from a single estate can give you an experience like no other.

You can buy gourmet coffee from a lot of places, whether online or in a retail store in your neighborhood. But if you would like to savour a cup of  organic coffee check out Keens Beans. At Keans we grow our coffee beans using sustainable growing methods and our coffee is certified organic. We offer single estate coffee from our coffee plantation in Costa Rica.

Keans Beans roasts your coffee beans the day you order and it’s shipped immediately. You may also be interested in our other coffee products, like our gourmet coffee rub for meat, poultry and seafood or our hand made coffee soap. Whether you choose us or not, following the above tips will lead to a great cup of gourmet coffee.

Organic Coffee Beans – Buying Tips

Organic Coffee Beans - Buying TipsGet the best organic coffee beans at the best price when you follow these tips

If you are concerned about your health and care about the environment, then you realize that buying organic coffee beans is not only the right thing to do, but it’s also one of life’s little indulgences that is just fun. After all, we are running non-stop, we have to be superman or superwoman, and it always seems like we are trying to please someone else. Now it’s your turn… but wait, you need to pamper yourself. And that means buying only the best organic coffee beans.

Buying organic coffee and organic whole bean coffee is no different than buying anything else. It’s buyer beware and you get what you pay for. Follow these simple buying tips and you’ll feel good that you made a smart decision, and feel good because you have a great cup of organic coffee and a nice caffeine buzz…. if that’s your thing.

Don’t get burned by a bad cup of coffee – 4 tips to a good cup of coffee

  1. Know what you are buying. This may sound overly simple, but you would be surprised to learn that many people will assume that just because they are holding a package of whole bean coffee in their hand with a name that invokes a rain forest, it must be a package of organic coffee beans. Just because there is not a picture of Juan Valdez’s smiling face on the package, it doesn’t mean it is organic coffee. Check the package for organic certification.
  2. Buy the right roast. Don’t make the mistake of buying an American roast organic coffee when you really like an intensely flavored coffee like a Vienna Roast organic coffee.
  3. How old are them thar beans? When it comes to buying coffee, you are in the minority. Most people plod blindly into the big box supermarket and buy the same 2 lb tin that their parents bought. Why take a chance when you could order online and know that your organic coffee beans will be roasted the day you order? You are only talking about a few cents more per cup, come on you’re worth it!
  4. When buying organic coffee beans, go for the authentic. Do you like a blend? That’s cool. Or maybe you like a single origin coffee, grown in one country but pooled from several sources. But have you tried a single estate coffee? Buying organic coffee beans that were grown on only one farm is no different than buying a fine wine from a renowned vineyard. You’ve got something special. You can’t get that at the big box supermarket or at most online stores for that matter.

Follow these tips and you can get a great cup of coffee. Make sure what you are buying is actually organic. Understand the differences in the roasts available. Be sure that it is fresh. Roasted the day you order it. And go for the authentic. Live a little.

Keens Beans are organically grown single estate coffee beans from Costa Rica. Our beans are roasted the day you order. Check it out. Your worth it!