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Picking The Perfect Organic Coffee Beans Man Or Machine

Picking the Perfect Organic Coffee Beans Man or Machine

Do you know how they pick the perfect organic coffee bean?  All of the world’s coffee harvested in one of three ways.    There are many things to consider when deciding just how to remove the fruit from the tree. Large farms, on flat land are able to utilize large machines. These machines do the work very quickly and are therefore much more cost effective than hiring many workers to do the same job. The problem with this method is that it picks everything at the same time and the coffee cherries do not all ripen at the same time. The unripened coffee beans will have an adverse effect on the overall quality of the product. It is therefore mainly used for commercially grown coffee.

The second method is achieved by “stripping” the coffee cherries from the branches and letting them fall onto sheets on the ground. The next step is to toss them in the air to remove leaves, twigs and other unwanted matter. Some sorting of the beans is usually done to remove most of the unripe coffee cherries. This is certainly better than the machines, but still fairly indiscriminate and many people feel that the “stripping” damages the nodes on the branches.

The very best way to harvest coffee beans and the only way to harvest fine organic coffee beans is by hand, Each bean is picked at the right moment. The pickers are paid by each container they fill, so the larger and riper the cherries, the quicker they are able to fill their container. The perfect incentive to pick only the best. Most small, organic coffee growers will not allow “strippers” to work for them, Yes, picking the coffee by hand is the most expensive way. However, it produces the very finest coffee.