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The Benefits of Shade Grown Organic Coffee
The Benefits of Shade Grown Organic Coffee

The Benefits of Shade Grown Organic Coffee

Shade grown organic coffee is one of the new ways we, as consumers, can be conscious of our environment. Being ‘green’ is quite popular these days, and it should be. We’ve spent way too long ignoring the effects of our ignorance on our planet. One of the ways to be ‘green’ is to enjoy eco friendly coffee. Despite what you may think the benefits of enjoying ‘green’ java extends way beyond it’s beneficial effect on the local wildlife where the product is grown. It extends all the way to your cup. Read on to learn the benefits of shade grown organic java.

Shade grown organic coffee just plain tastes better. Since the plant is allowed to grow slower (and more naturally) the taste of the coffee improves. The natural sugars are allowed the time to develop producing a richer more flavorful cup for you to enjoy.

The ‘shade grown’ in shade grown organic coffee means none of the environment is cleared to make way for plantations. The migrating bird population has been in decline since we started to clear the rain forests to make way for more (and larger) plantations, clearly bird friendly coffee is the way to go.

Did you know, next to tobacco, coffee is sprayed with more chemicals than any other cultivated plant on our planet. That can’t be good for you. The ‘organic’ in shade grown organic coffee means it is grown without chemicals, and that’s just plain healthier for you.

Traditionally grown coffee which is treated with chemicals depletes the soil and increases erosion. By not clearing the rain forests we help sustain them.

Eco friendly coffee is better for the people who work on, and live near the plantations. The chemicals used in traditionally grown plantations eventually run off and contaminate the local water supply. This just isn’t right.

If you really want to be green I highly suggest you look for eco friendly coffee. Not only is it good for the wildlife, the environment, the workers but it just tastes better. And don’t we all love a great cup of joe.

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