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Using coffee grounds to rid odors from everything


Use coffee grounds to eliminate odors

Here’s a solution that works for getting rid of odor problems on anything and anywhere; such as on clothing, furniture, refrigerators, freezers, rooms, semi-trailers with stinky cargo (see below); anything and everything! No matter what the odor! At least, I’ve never heard of an odor it wouldn’t get rid of! Years ago, I had an old upright freezer that was full of rock shrimp my brother brought back from Louisiana. My young son accidentally left the door ajar, and it had defrosted long before we discovered the mishap. Talk about stink, and it was throughout the insulation too. There’s not much that stinkier than rotting seafood! I tried everything I knew, then tried everything everyone else told me to try. Nothing worked. We finally set it outside with the door removed to let the sunshine and fresh air work on the smell. That didn’t work either. Nothing worked until an acquaintance told me what to do. My acquaintance was a long-haul truck driver. His route took him back and forth to Mexico. He hauled freight to an industry down there. He would then pick up a load of untanned cow hides to deliver to an industry back here in the US. He had a refrigerated truck, so no problem, right? Wrong! On one trip with a load of those hides, his truck broke down, and was down for a couple of days in 100+ degree weather, with no refrigeration!! He couldn’t get any repairs done for at least 24 hours, so he was hoping that, if he didn’t open the trailer doors, the remaining coldness would be enough to keep the hides cool until he could get the refrigeration back on. Wrong, again! Well, the odor that hit him in the face when he opened the trailer doors 24 hours later is unimaginable! He off-loaded the stinky cargo, but it had already permeated every porous part of the trailer, wooden framework, floor, etc.! Luckily, someone who worked in the stockyards there told him to set an open can of fresh coffee grounds inside the trailer and close it up for 24 hours. He didn’t believe it would work, I mean, “one 13oz. can of coffee, no way!” But he gave it a try anyway, he didn’t have anything to lose and he couldn’t go anywhere until the repairs could be made. After the time was up, he carefully opened trailer doors. Voila! Stinky smell all gone!!! So, if you have a small item (smaller than a freezer or semi-trailer, that is), do the following: Place item(s) into an appropriate size plastic bag, along with an uncovered bowl (or other OPEN container) with about 7 oz. (half a can) of fresh coffee grounds in it. Seal bag with twist tie, but be careful not to spill the coffee grounds. It probably won’t harm your item, but why take the chance? Leave bag sealed for a few days. Remove item from bag, do sniff test, the offensive odor should be gone. NOTE: if you are a frequent eBay buyer, and hate receiving smoky smelling items, this will take care of the problem. Oh, yes, don’t try making coffee with the grounds, but don’t throw them in the trash either. Sprinkle them in your flower bed. Your flowers will love you for it! Donna in the Land of Oz, USA