Using Organic Coffee? Then Take The Plunge

If you drink organic coffee then you will want to take the plunge.

Brewing coffee

You care enough to buy organic coffee beans and grind your organic coffee beans every morning for the best taste,  but you use a coffee pot with a filter.  You have accomplished a few things by buying organic coffee. First, you have no chemicals in your coffee. Secondly, you have done something positive for the environment.  Third, you have the opportunity to prepare a wonderful cup of coffee. But are you using the best method?  Ever  noticed when you finish brewing your coffee in a drip coffeemaker, the filter has brown oil all around it?  Do you know what that brown oil is?  That is the oil that gives coffee it’s flavor.  The coffee produces this oil during the brewing process, yet the filter keeps you from tasting it.   So how do you get all of  the flavor from the specialty coffee you buy?  Take the Plunge!  Try using a plunger pot.  Sometimes called a “French Press”. Grind your organic coffee beans in a course grind and place the grounds in the bottom of the glass pot. Bring the water to just the beginning of a boil and pour it over the grounds.  Stir and let sit for 3-4 minutes.  Press the plunger and enjoy.  You will not only get more flavor out of your organic coffee but you will also get a little mud in the bottom of the cup unlike the filtered coffee.  You will enjoy the taste that your organic specialty coffee will have.  Take the Plunge and Enjoy!