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Are you drinking a bitter tasting coffee?

What Is Robusta Coffee

What is Robusta coffee?

Are you drinking bitter coffee


Over thirty five percent of the coffee consumed in the world is from the Robusta coffee bean. However, all we hear about is the Arabica bean. There is a very good reason for this. Arabica beans have a balanced acidity and a more moderate amount of caffeine which creates a far superior taste. Robusta, on the other hand, has a very harsh acidity and almost twice the caffeine. Recently some Robusta producers have been using different processing techniques such as steam to improve the taste of their beans. Robusta, however, is still best used as an inexpensive filler. Most commercial “supermarket” coffees blend Robusta and Arabica so they can provide some taste for less money. The other problem with Robusta beans is there is no incentive to grow them organically. The very best way to assure yourself of the best taste and the best quality is to buy 100% Arabica organic coffee beans. You will certainly notice the difference.